WOOL&GRANT'S Radio Campaign

WOOL&GRANT mailed out about 300 of our new WOOL&GRANT CDs to national and international DJs today. We're looking to get airplay, and, if you'd like to help out with a request to hear us at your local station, please go ahead. Thanks! For a taste of the music, go to the player on the right side of this page. 

Big thanks to Lisa Grey, our radio promotor, from Blue River Promotions. If you're a DJ and haven't received a copy by early October, email Lisa at: lgrey@optonline.net.

W&G at Make Music NY/Sheridan Sq. & Riverside Park/June 21

WOOL&GRANT performed at two different Make Music NY events on June 21st. The first was hosted by Val Ghent with sound provided by Solar Punch (solar powered sound system) and took place at Sheridan Square.

The second event was in Riverside Park at 110th Street, hosted by Jeremiah Birnbaum as part of the Songwriter's Exchange


Onstage at the Living Room

In this photo you can see Ann Klein playing lap steel, and our drummer, Doug Yowell. Missing are Lee Nadel, on bass, and Daniel A. Weiss on keys.



Here's one with Lee Nadel on bass and Ina May wailing.

Big thanks to Joyce Miller (Bev's sister) for the photos


Day 1 of our crowd-funding campaign

Today is a momentous day for WOOL&GRANT. Not only did we launch a crowd funding piece to help us promote and get our new CD out to the world, but we also started mailing our "hot off the press" debut CD to several kind souls who have already contributed. It feels so good to put a stamp on the envelope and send something we've worked on for over a year to someone who's looking forward to listening to it. Our crowd funding campaign will go on for 45 days and end on July 15th. If you'd like to help us out, there's a link to this screen where you can do so.


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